ecastleinthesky wrote in sustainable_sos

The Inconvenient Truth between EMF (Wi-Fi) Radiation & Infertility

Yes, the proof is in: EMF radiation can even cause infertility!

That's why since early 2000, schools & hospitals in European countries have implemented "Wi-Fi Bans" in order to protect vulnerable people & children from EMF exposures... "Electromagnetic and radiation pollution can challenge the immune system to such an extent that conception ability is reduced in two ways: 1) sperm count can be negatively affected, and 2) egg quality can be harmed. This can come from cell phones, computers, wireless networks in the home, and power lines." — Full article (Vitality Magazine - July 2018 issue)

Why multiple countries have banned Wi-fi cellphones around schools, young children and fetuses?

Please do share the above important info with our loved ones (near or far)!

If more of us are aware of this issue, our collective people power should lead to much needed revisions on the current totally-out-dated industrial policies regarding Wi-Fi and its reception towers...

Let's aim for a better, safer, healthier world for our future generations!


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