December 26th, 2019

5G: A Looming Lethal Global Epidemics Next?

5G might very well lead to the next lethal global epidemics, altering the state of health in humanity and our natural environment too.

Nikola Tesla would have stopped 5G from rolling out into the market, because this moral inventor will always honor "welfare for humanity" rather than making unjust profits. Besides, give it time, he will definitely re-invent a system that is "on-par with nature" — something that is completely safe and innovative than ever — just like the AC current and Hydro electricity systems in history.

We know there are ways to escape and recovered from GM foods, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs etc – we can choose to eat organic, refuse toxic pharmaceuticals and find effective alternative treatments, and tackle climate change. But unfortunately, it is not possible to recover from 5G, should it be rolled out as planned.

Once those prerequisite 53,000 satellites are launched into space orbiting the earth to enable the millions of antennae to be installed at intervals of a few hundred feet over the earth, and once 5G is switched on, the entire planet will be radiated with non-ionizing radiation at 30-40% over its current “safe” limit of radiation, as reported from the United Nations. Thus it will not be possible to opt out. Industry-protective legislation and court orders have already been established, so you can’t opt out.

Hence, this 5G technology would radiate the whole world 24/7 and effect you even if you don’t own a cell phone, even if you manage to establish a cabin on Mount Everest, or put up a tent in the Sahara Desert!

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the UN on October 24, demonstrating that he is well informed about 5G and totally outraged. He is supported by the biggest insurance companies in the world: Swiss Re, Lloyds of London, and others have refused to insure 5G technology altogether.

The 5G industry hopes to cash in on a projected $17 trillion market. That market includes you and me. We must stop this and we can.

Ask yourself: Should we let "greed & ignorance" win over "justice & morality"? Is our so-called GDP lies behind the fact that "money has become more important than life itself"?

I hope you will join everyone in defending life as we know it, and stop this potential catastrophe in its tracks by signing the international petition to show your supports.

The U.S. national toxicology program spent $30 million on a ten-year experimental study to determine if pulsating radiation causes damage to animals. The results were subjected to an unprecedented triple peer review and showed beyond doubt that animal hearts and brains were damaged and cancers caused. This kind of study would normally be “a slam dunk in the world of science,” Devra Davis observes. But the FDA’s radiology director concluded that the result was not applicable to humans! (His wife was in charge of medical devices, such as in radiology for Arnold & Porter, but when conflict raises between "fact and profit", it always came down on the side of protecting profit.)

Another worrisome effect of 4G – which will be greatly amplified by the proposed 5G – is the deleterious effect on reproduction – animal and human, which is already happening. The Cleveland Clinic has for 10 years been reporting research on the catastrophic decline of male sperm in humans (less than 50% of what it was 25 years ago) due to Wi-Fi exposure. This effect compelled the government of India to reduce its cell towers’ radiation intensity to 1% of that emitted by Western towers. Infertility in India, both in men and women, has become the primary health problem. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has outlawed 5G for now.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, populations have dramatically declined within a couple of years in Singapore, some Philippine islands, and South   Korea due to the effects of 4G radiation. As a result, Singapore has refused to install the infrastructure for 5G, as has Florence, Rome, Brussels, the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

In the U.S., Senator Richard Blumenthal observed about 5G that, given there are no safety studies, “we’re kind of flying blind as far as health and safety are concerned.” This is literally, quite possibly, because 5G interferes with weather forecasting and ocean navigation, as NOAA (National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration) reports. Finally, NATO has come out against it too.

Former Microsoft CEO Frank Clegg’s organization, C4ST, wrote to the Canadian government on September 15, 2017, demanding that the International EMF Scientists’ Appeal be accepted to stop this projected devastation of life. Please read it and support that demand with your MP.

Once again, I hope you will join everyone in defending life as we know it, and stop this potential catastrophe in its tracks by signing the international petition to show your supports.

Editor’s Notes:

At the 2019 Whole Life Expo, Andrew Michrowski gave two talks on the subject of 5G (Nov. 8 and Nov. 10). These are now available as audio recordings. All recordings are available as MP3 audio files for the price of $4.99 each. Below are direct links to purchase Dr. Michrowski’s 2019 lectures.




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